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Go off the beaten track. No - really go off the beaten track. These trips will take you to places that aren't usually on the tourist trail, places which have experiential style accommodation, hardly any other people, and truly local food.

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  • Remote locations and undiscovered gems
  • Some physical activities (but not too intense!)
  • English-speaking guides with excellent area knowledge who know how to get to remote places
  • Experiential accommodation with with a few higher-end properties
  • Varying transport types to get around the country
  • Plenty of overland journeys utilising varying transport types to get around the country
  • To go completely off the tourist trail
  • See indigenous tribes
  • Truly unique views regular tourists never see
  • To learn about some history about the places you visit
  • To spot wildlife as you delve deeper into more secluded areas
  • Spellbinding moments you’ll remember forever
The beach in La Guajira Colombia

From our Travel Designers

“When you go on this trip you’ll find yourself waking up to expansive views accompanied by the sounds of nature, or the clucking chickens of native villages.”

Stilt houses in a village near Kratie, Cambodia

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