Trip ideas: VIVID

Authentic and spectacular, these trips showcase the best of each country... with a VIVID twist. They're designed for first time visitors who want to see all of the top sights a country has to offer, with a few interesting and exciting experiences thrown in the mix. 

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  • A balance of classic sights, physical activities and unusual sightseeing
  • A chance to get off the beaten track, taking these trips from classic to VIVID
  • Plenty of opportunities to go off and do your own thing
  • A chance to learn about local life
  • VIP access
  • A scrumptious variation of meals, including opportunities to try the local food
  • Some time to relax
  • To be spellbound wherever you go
Machu Picchu in Peru

From our Travel Designers:

"VIVID trips are your classic tour of a country with a twist. They're a balance of active and relaxing moments. So you spend one half of the trip going on exciting adventures and then spend the remaining time chilling out somewhere absolutely beautiful. You can turn the active and relaxation dial up or down. And if you're a family don't worry, they can be completely adapted to suit all family sizes."

Marcin ebiking in Bagan in Myanmar

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